An Estonian consumer’s opinion of the "IMPRA tea"

An Estonian consumer’s opinion of the

Journal «Coffee and Tea» №5, 2013

Olga Truverk,
chairman of board in «STIMBAR» (ESTONIA)

In Estonia, this tea is among the most popular and successful brands. This is evidenced by the feedback from the local consumers and the prolonged presence of the product on the tea market.

The company "STIMBAR" got acquainted with the "IMPRA" tea range in 2006 and, as a result of the monitoring studies, concentrated on the products of the company «Imperial Teas». Following the negotiations, a treaty was signed, on the basis of which "STIMBAR" became an official distributor of the "IMPRA tea" in Estonia. The sales of the tea under this trademark took off and it quickly gained competitiveness.

The excellent taste and aroma of the product appealed to our customers, bringing a special flavor and vitality to their love of tea drinking.

The successful image of the "IMPRA" brand adds value to its products in the eyes of the consumers; the pricing policy and design meet the customers’ needs and expectations. There are different varieties of black and green tea in the range, as well as fruit and herbal infusions. The tastiness of tea is perfectly combined with the design making the product even more demanded among different segments of Estonian buyers.

The company "STIMBAR" deals with the sales of the "IMPRA" tea all over Estonia and is loyal to each client. The products can be purchased in large and small retail chains of our country. The management of the company «Imperial Teas" realizes that the development of new ideas and varieties is an important activity. Due to this, cooperation between the producer and the retailer has become possible, regularly reminding the consumers of the existence of the product on the market and the fact that its quality and reliability are a constant concern for the company. Development of marketing strategies and execution of advertising campaigns provide an effective support in promoting the brand on the Estonian tea market, while updating the packaging and design emphasizes the innovative approach.

Highlighting the extensive teamwork and professionalism of the "Imperial Teas" headed by Mr. Jayantha Karunaratne, I should also mention the strict adherence to the company philosophy, which is expressed in the constant aiming for quality and implementation of such management practices that lead to the excellent result in the entire company. This is one of the sustainable competitive advantages over other producers. This advantage allows for intelligent building of a value chain, within which the activities of the company are organized.

On behalf of the company "STIMBAR" I would like to thank the head and staff of the "Imperial Teas" for the long-term cooperation and understanding of the Estonian consumer, for the efficiency and individual approach to decision-making, taking into consideration the peculiarity of the tea market in Estonia.

Prosperity and the continued fruitful cooperation with all the retailers and potential customers is the most important thing that I would like to wish the "Imperial Teas" in all its future activities.